The West Virginia Republican Governor’s Forum (2024)

by: Isaac Taylor, Jessica Patterson, Christian Meffert



Missed the forum? Watch the full replay in the video player above!

(WOWK) — A forum between the top four candidates for the Republican nomination for governor of West Virginia will air on Wednesday at 7 p.m. on all West Virginia stations owned by Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

Who are the candidates?

The four candidates highlighted are:

  • Attorney General Patrick Morrisey
  • Chris Miller
  • Moore Capito
  • Secretary of State Mac Warner

Each candidate will have time to answer questions about hot-button issues impacting the Mountain State.

How do I watch the #WVGovForum

There are multiple ways you can watch the West Virginia Republican Governor’s Forum.

Each West Virginia station owned by Nexstar will be airing the forum at 7 p.m. on April 3, 2024, as well as streaming it directly to each website.

These stations include:

StationNetworkMarketStation WebsiteSocial
WDVM-TVInd.Washington, D.C.

What if I miss the forum?

Don’t fret if you miss the forum. The forum will be on each station’s website following the one-hour special. There will also be other times each station is airing the forum.

StationMarketNetwork/Broadcast Times (ET)
WOWK-TVCharlestonCBS – 4/3/24 at 7p.m.
CBS – 4/6/24 at Noon
CBS – 4/6/24 at 7 p.m.
WBOY-TVClarksburgNBC – 4/3/24 at 7 p.m.
ABC – 4/7/24 at 10 a.m.
WVNS-TVBeckley/BluefieldFOX – 4/3/24 at 7 p.m.
FOX – 4/7/24 at 11 a.m.
WTRF-TVWheelingCBS – 4/3/24 at 7p.m.
ABC – 4/7/24 at 10 a.m.
WDVM-TVWashington, D.C.4/3/24 at 7 p.m.
4/7/24 at 5 p.m.

How do I keep up with the forum as it is airing?

People who want to join in and share their thoughts on the forum can use#WVGovForumon X, formerly known as Twitter.

You can also follow each station’s X account by clicking the station below

WDVM-TVWashington, D.C.

Nexstar Media Inc. (“Nexstar”) is committed to hosting fair and open debates among
qualified candidates as part of its mission to inform the public and assist voters in making
important electoral decisions. To determine who is a qualified candidate, Nexstar has
adopted the following objective and non-discriminatory criteria to govern which candidates
are eligible to participate in Nexstar-sponsored debates. To be eligible to participate, a
candidate must comply with all five sections of this policy.

  1. A candidate must be legally qualified and (x) listed on the ballot for the office the
    candidate is seeking or (y) be a write-in candidate who meets all the legal
    qualifications required by the federal, state or municipal government for the office
    being sought and has filed the appropriate papers for write-in status.
  2. A candidate must have publicly announced his or her candidacy in a public forum.
    For the purposes of this section, “public forum” includes an announcement of
    candidacy on the Internet and/or social media.
  3. A candidate must be actively campaigning for election in the jurisdiction he or she
    is seeking to represent for the office he or she is seeking. To meet the definition
    of an active campaign, a candidate must have or engage in at least four of the
    a. A campaign phone number;
    b. A publicized, dedicated candidate-specific website or web page or
    dedicated social media presence used to fundraise, solicit votes, share
    policy positions or engage in outreach with voters;
    c. Planned in-district appearances or invitations to appear and/or speak
    at public gatherings;
    d. Monetary contributions;
    e. Campaign literature; and
    f. Press coverage identifying the candidate as a candidate in the current
    election by at least eight unique news reports in media (e.g., newspapers,
    TV, cable news, radio, or online news websites that are recognized by
    local and/or national media; note however, blogs are not considered news
    reports, whether affiliated or unaffiliated).
  4. A candidate must have received at least of 5 percent in the ballot test poll question
    (i.e., who do you plan to vote for?) that includes all party aligned candidates on the
    ballot in a primary election, or at least 10 percent in a ballot test poll question (i.e.,
    who do you plan to vote for?) that includes all candidates on the ballot running for
    office in the general election, in an established, professionally conducted nonpartisan
    poll chosen by Nexstar Media Inc. or a qualified and prominent national polling
    organization without taking the survey’s margin of error into account. The poll must
    be released within 120-days prior to the primary or general election, as applicable. If
    there is no poll available, the rest of the document will govern who will be invited to
    the debate.
  5. A candidate for a statewide or federal office must have reported, on the most recent
    official forms filed with the appropriate election authority, accepting at least
    $100,000 in monetary, as opposed to in-kind, campaign contributions, at least 25
    percent of which must be raised from in-state constituents. For non-statewide or
    local offices, a candidate must have reported, on official forms filed with the
    appropriate election authority, having accepted at least $25,000 in campaign
  6. Nexstar Media Inc. and its affiliates, employees, agents, and servants shall not
    guarantee to any candidate or candidate’s campaign, verbally or in writing, that the
    candidate will be included in a debate until the requirements of this policy, and each
    of them, have been satisfied to the satisfaction of Nexstar, Inc. and its affiliates.
  7. With the voter’s interest in mind, if unforeseen circ*mstances should occur leading
    up to a scheduled debate, or if there is a strong public interest rationale, Nexstar
    Media Inc. reserves the right to modify or change the criteria based on the best
    interests of the electorate.

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The West Virginia Republican Governor’s Forum (3)

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The West Virginia Republican Governor’s Forum (4)

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The West Virginia Republican Governor’s Forum (8)The West Virginia Republican Governor’s Forum (9)

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The West Virginia Republican Governor’s Forum (2024)


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