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DISCLAIMER: BetterSpawnsPlus may not be completely compatible with other mods that alter bot spawn waves, spawn types, and bot quantities. However, it should work seamlessly with mods that modify bot behavior, logic, and difficulty.

IMPORTANT: To ensure proper functionality, please make sure that bosses are enabled in your in-game settings. If you wish to disable bosses, please do so only within the mod's config files.

--- Welcome to Better Spawns Plus! ---

BetterSpawnsPlus is a mod that focuses on enhancing and elevating the spawn mechanics of SPTarkov, delivering a more immersive and captivating gameplay experience. With its powerful spawn generator, this mod empowers you with an extensive selection of features and options, allowing you to exert precise control and customization over your raids. Take charge of every aspect of spawns, from the timing and frequency of bot spawns to their quantity, variety, and even their specific spawn zones. BetterSpawnsPlus is your key to creating unique and tailored encounters that truly challenge and engage you in the world of SPTarkov.


Consistent Bot Spawns: Bid farewell to desolate maps within minutes of starting a raid. BetterSpawnsPlus ensures that spawns occur consistently throughout the raid, keeping the action alive and intense from start to finish.

Presets Reflect Live Tarkov: Experience a more authentic and dynamic gameplay environment with customized bot spawns that closely replicate the behavior of the online version of Escape From Tarkov. These presets guarantee all bot types spawn within their specified intervals and waves, depending on the map you're playing.

Separate PMC and Scav Bot Waves: To enhance the realism and fairness of encounters, PMCs are set to spawn in separate wave intervals from Scavs. By adjusting this spawn mechanic, BetterSpawnsPlus minimizes the occurrence of PMCs and Scavs spawn killing each other. This intentional configuration creates a more challenging and competitive gameplay environment.

Enhanced POI Spawns: BetterSpawnsPlus improves the consistency of bot spawns in certain points of interest (POIs) while maintaining a level of randomness and ensuring the entire map feels alive and dynamic. Key POIs will have a higher bot presence, making engagements in these areas more strategic and intense.

PMC Spawns in Labs: Prepare for intense firefights and heightened tension as BetterSpawnsPlus enables PMC spawns in The Labs.

Spawn Generator: With this feature, you have control over the timing, quantity, variety, frequency, and even the precise locations where bots spawn. Customize your gaming experience by strategically spawning bots in specific open zones, creating dynamic and challenging encounters wherever you choose.

The Plus: Aside from the improved spawns, BetterSpawnsPlus provides a variety of other options within the config file, allowing you to customize various aspects of the game to align with your preferred playstyle. Among these options you can adjust raid timers to your liking, manage insurance settings, set exfil mechanics, control airdrop occurrences, modify loot distribution, and more.

--- Spawn Features ---

BetterSpawnsPlus offers two distinct spawn systems, which are explained in detail below. Prior to and after each raid, the mod examines the preset configuration file and randomly selects a spawn generator preset or main preset for each map. The mod then applies randomization to the values of each preset.

Logs: To access all the spawns generated by the mod, navigate to the "PreyToLives-BetterSpawnsPlus/logs/" directory. There, you'll find logs detailing the spawn information for each map. These logs can be reviewed before a raid to understand the locations and timings of bot spawns. Please note that these logs are overwritten with new spawn data that gets generated after each raid.

The Weight System:

The weight system in BetterSpawnsPlus is an important aspect of customizing the mod to suit your preferences. The weight system uses integer values between 0 and 5. This range allows you to assign different probabilities to each preset or option. Setting the weight of a preset or option to 0 will effectively disable it. It will not be chosen during the raid, and its effects will not be applied. On the other hand, setting the weight to an integer value between 1 and 5 will give the preset or option a higher chance of being applied.

Spawn Generator Presets:

Spawn generator presets offer a user-friendly and efficient way to generate spawn waves with various customizable options. Here is a simplified overview of the available configurations:

* Bot Types: Specify the types of bots to include in the spawn waves, such as PMCs, Scavs, Sniper Scavs, Bosses, Cultists, Raiders, Rogues, and Bloodhounds.

* Difficulty: Choose the difficulty level for the bots, ranging from easy, normal, hard, to impossible. These difficulty levels align with those found in online EFT.

* Chance: Define the minimum and maximum chance of a bot wave spawning during a raid.

* Amount: Set the quantity of bots to spawn in each wave using an array of numbers. The mod will randomly select a value from this array for each wave.

* Initial Spawns: Determine the initial number of spawn waves and the time at which they will occur at the beginning of a raid.

* Interval Spawns: Specify the total number of interval spawn waves and the time interval between each wave.

* Delay: Apply a spawn delay that randomizes the timing for each generated wave, introducing variation and unpredictability.

* Open Zones: Configure the specific spawn zones where the different bot types are allowed to spawn.

How To Create Spawn Generator Presets

Detailed Overview Of Spawn Generator Presets

Main Presets:

Creating main presets can be a more intricate and time-consuming process compared to spawn generator presets. Main presets require manual configuration, allowing for precise fine-tuning. They offer additional randomizer settings that enable slight variations in spawns for each raid, maintaining an element of randomness while still adhering to the preset parameters.

How To Create Main Presets

Detailed Overview of Main Presets

--- Plus Features ---

BetterSpawnsPlus provides a range of additional options to enhance your experience in SPTarkov. Here's a brief overview of these options:

* Raid Options: Maximum Bot Cap, Raid Timer, Airdrop Start Time, Plane Speed, Plane Height, Plane Volume, Crate Fall Speed, Crate Items

* Bot Options: Custom Live-Like PMC Dogtags, Make PMCs Not Randomly Talk, Chance Same Faction Is Hostile, Bot Level Relative To Player Level, PMC Brain Type

* Exfil Options: Open All Exfils Regardless Of Entry Point, All Extractions Always Available, Remove Extraction Restrictions

* Loot Options: Global Loot Chance Modifier, Loose Loot Modifier, Static Loose Multiplier

* Item Options: Remove Armor Degradation From Repairs, Remove Weapon Degradation From Repairs, Insurance Allowed On All Locations, Insurance Allowed For All Items, Remove Weapon Durability Burn, Remove Weapon Detiorioration From Bullets, Allow All Items To Be Lootable, All Items Unexamined By Default, Remove Labs Keycard Requirement, Labs Access Keycard Max Number Of Uses

* Player Options: Scav Cooldown Timer, Health In-Raid, Health In-Hideout, Tactical Clothing

* Hideout Options: Construction Time Multiplier, Production Time Mulitplier

* Trader Options: Repair Cost Multiplier For All Traders, Insurance Mulitiplier, Insurance Return Chance, Insurance Return Time, Repair Quality Degradation

NOTE: Please note that any feature or option that is disabled within the mod means that it will have no effect in the game. Disabling a feature effectively renders it inactive within the mod.

Detailed Overview Of Plus Features

--- Installation Instructions ---

1.) Begin by downloading the "" file from the provided link or the Github repository.

2.) Extract the contents of the downloaded archive. You should now have a folder named "PreyToLive-BetterSpawnsPlus" containing the mod files.

3.) Navigate to the location of your SPTarkov folder on your computer.

4.) Inside the SPTarkov folder, find the "user/mods/" directory.

5.) Place the extracted folder containing the mod files into the "user/mods/" directory within your SPTarkov folder.

--- Basic Setup ---

NOTE: This mod comes with pre-configured Like-Live Tarkov spawn presets that are already selected by default when you download the mod. Therefore, you are not required to follow the setup process or create presets unless you wish to do so.

1.) Start by locating the config presets folder and preset manager in the "PreyToLive-BetterSpawnsPlus/config/" directory.

2.) Within the config folder, browse through the available settings folders and select the one you wish to use in your gameplay. Alternatively, you can make a copy of the "settings_Template" folder and modify it according to your preferences.

3.) After choosing the desired settings folder, make a note of its exact name.

4.) Open the settings manager and locate the "settingsFolder" option.

5.) In the "settingsFolder" option, enter the exact name of the settings folder you want to use.

6.) Save the changes made in the settings manager.

Thats it! Have fun playing! Better Spawns Plus - AKI Mods Workshop (1)

--- Recommended Mods ---

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Better Spawns Plus - AKI Mods Workshop (2024)


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